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28 февраля, 2007 (среда, 04:04)
Project section revives after looong time..
right now i envolved at 3 projects:
- "Flaming roads"
- "Afterworld"
- unanoced one under NDA...
.. i will try to update frequently this page
Athor: robomaniac
03 ноября, 2005 (четверг, 00:08)
Starts mod development for the BATTLEFIELD 2. This will be Sci-Fi mod. Here is some new screenshots will be and new section started.
Athor: robomaniac
07 сентября, 2005 (среда, 15:55)
New project started, codename: "Gray Gap", later there will be more info about it. right now it is known only concept of the game and main story line.
Athor: robomaniac
07 сентября, 2005 (среда, 15:49)
SILENT ATTACK universe project seems is going on. and will reborn in the future.. I am working on some major design and models in the game.

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